Why You Should Never Neglect Your Dental Health


At the Center for Contemporary Dentistry, Concord, NH Dentist, Dr. Jay Patel and associate Dr. Manisha Patel value optimal dental health. We strive to instill in our patients the same high regard for their own dental hygiene and health as well. As busy people ourselves, we realize that sometimes, things like regular dental exams and cleanings, and even daily flossing can get lost in the shuffle of career and family obligations. So in today’s blog post, we want to give our Belmont and Concord, NH dental patients some excellent reasons to keep up on their dental health:

  • Healthy smiles are beautiful! A vibrant, healthy smile can make or break one’s facial beauty. Aesthetic services like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers can provide a dramatic transformation, while preventive services like cleanings and screenings keep your smile beautiful for a lifetime!
  • Healthy teeth and gums = healthy heart? Recent studies have linked periodontal (gum) disease to cardiovascular disease, stroke, and other health problems. Making your dental health a priority by seeing a highly qualified Concord, NH dentist such as Drs. Jay & Manisha Patel just may do your heart a favor.
  • Boosts your self-confidence! The results of neglected dental hygiene are hardly something to smile about. Bad breath (halitosis), stained teeth, and even tooth loss from oral disease can cause you to hide your smile. The ability to smile and laugh openly, without having to cover or hide your mouth, is another terrific reason to seek regular dental care.

So, if you are seeking a qualified, friendly Laconia, Belmont, or Concord, NH dentist, we urge you to contact the Center for Contemporary Dentistry today, where we make your dental health a priority!

Don’t let dental anxiety deprive you of a beautiful, healthy smile!


Here at the Center for Contemporary Dentistry, Concord, NH dentist Dr. Manisha Patel and associate Dr. Jay Patel know that anxiety can be a normal response to an upcoming dental appointment. With amenities such as noise-cancelling headphones, thermal blankets, and aromatherapy, we strive to make your experience in our office as relaxing and comforting as possible. Many of our patients tell us that they excitedly anticipate the spa-like setting of their dental visits, and can’t wait to come back!

However, if you have had a negative past dental experience, or have anxiety so intense that you are avoiding necessary dental care, you may want to consider the benefits of sedation dentistry. Tailored to the specific needs of each patient, sedation dentistry makes it possible to have many dental procedures accomplished in one visit, while feeling completely untroubled. The sedated patient remains conscious and able to respond to the doctor (safer than hospital general anesthesia), but in a “twilight” or sleep-like state, often remembering little or nothing of their visit. Doesn’t it sound wonderful to wake up from a refreshing nap with the gorgeous smile you’ve been dreaming of?

The first step towards a healthy, vibrant smile just might be the phone call you make to speak with our caring staff about sedation dentistry. So contact the office of your friendly Belmont and Concord, NH dentist to determine if you are a candidate for this wonderful service!