Teeth Whitening


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Would you like a fast and immediate solution that can make you look younger and healthier? Do you have an upcoming wedding, special event or vacation and want to look your best? All of this can be achieved with teeth whitening. A dazzling and youthful smile isn’t just for celebrities anymore, it can be yours too!

Drs. Jay and Manisha Patel offer Zoom! AP for in-office teeth whitening as well as take home kits.

We have used Zoom AP’s patented technology for over 10 years and have treated literally hundreds of dental patients with great success.

In fact, patients are often surprised at how much staining their teeth had accumulated over the years. Many of our cosmetic dentistry patients say that their results in one visit are better than they ever expected.

Teeth whitening can be an excellent option from our array of dentistry services, if you want to free your smile of:

  • stained teeth
  • spotty teeth
  • Fluorosis (or white spotting on the teeth)
  • minor medication stains
  • discolored teeth

Get ready for your bright, new look with the unsurpassed cosmetic expertise of Drs. Jay and Manisha Patel. With this high-tech solution, you’ll enjoy enhanced comfort and results allowing you to transform your smile today.

Zoom! is more powerful than the grocery store products and whitens teeth much whiter than any over-the-counter solutions. It gets between the teeth for more uniform whitening and provides enhanced coverage compared to smaller-sized strips.

At our dental practice, we not only care about the health of your mouth, but want you to look your best! Try Zoom! teeth whitening today and experience the difference. Contact our dentist to learn more!