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Perfecting Smiles: What Exactly Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

May 4, 2024

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Portrait of mature man with beautiful white teethIf there are any details about the appearance of your teeth that you wish were different, you might be thinking about visiting a cosmetic dentist. But if you are new to the world of aesthetic treatments, you might have questions. What exactly is cosmetic dentistry, what treatments are involved, and what kind of results can you expect? This blog post provides valuable information that can prepare you for the road ahead.


Is Cosmetic Dentistry Painful?

April 24, 2024

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Happy dental patient admiring the results of her cosmetic procedure

“Beauty is pain.” You have probably heard people recite that old adage as they take various measures to maintain or improve their appearance. But is it always true? If you are thinking about undergoing cosmetic dentistry, you might wonder if you have to mentally prepare yourself for pain. The truth is that every individual’s experience is a little bit different, but you can be sure that your dentist does not want you to suffer. They will do all they can to help you have a comfortable treatment! This blog post delves further into the sensations you may experience as you seek to enhance your smile.


What NOT to Do After Dental Implant Surgery

March 26, 2024

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Woman smoking while reading a book

After you receive dental implants, your body will go through a healing period. Throughout that time, it is important that you do — and avoid doing — certain activities. Otherwise, you could jeopardize the success of your new teeth. What are some things that you should not do after your dental implant surgery? This blog post explains.


Why Does My Dental Implant Feel So Sensitive?

February 29, 2024

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Illustration of dental implant between natural teeth

Sensitivity in natural teeth is a common problem; it often occurs when a tooth’s enamel is too thin, so it is easier for outside stimuli to irritate the tooth’s nerve. Dental implants are different. They do not have enamel or nerves, so you may be surprised when one of them starts to experience sensitivity. What are some possible explanations for why your dental implant feels sensitive, and what steps should you take to address the problem? This blog post provides helpful information.


Dental Implants Might Help You Live Longer — How?

January 23, 2024

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Smiling senior woman exercising outdoors

In the United States, the average life expectancy is around 77 years. However, many people are able to lead active and satisfying lives well into their 80s, 90s, or beyond. What is the key to such longevity? A number of different factors can influence longevity, and oral health is one of them! This blog post discusses the link between missing teeth and life expectancy, and it touches on how dental implants might be able to help you live longer.

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