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Do Tooth Extractions Cure Gum Disease?

February 22, 2023

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Dentist holding extracted tooth between thumb and forefinger

Gum disease, which is also referred to as periodontal disease, is one of the most common oral health problems among adults. It starts out as a mild infection, but as it progresses, it can cause serious damage. If you have this condition, you should certainly seek timely treatment. Depending on the severity of your gum disease, your dentist might urge you to under some tooth extractions.

Do tooth extractions cure gum disease, or is there another reason why they are frequently part of a periodontal treatment plan? Continue reading this article to discover the answer.


Why Is Root Canal Retreatment Sometimes Necessary?

January 7, 2023

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Smiling woman reclining in dental treatment chair

If you have undergone root canal therapy in the past, hopefully you had a positive experience. Still, it is understandable if you are not eager for history to repeat itself, so you may be reluctant to get root canal retreatment for the same tooth when your dentist recommends it. Why is root canal retreatment sometimes necessary? Continue reading to discover the answer.


Do Root Canals Cause Cancer? 

December 26, 2022

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Illustration of cancer cells attacking healthy human tissues

In many cases, patients with an infected or damaged tooth are told that they should undergo root canal therapy. However, some individuals choose to get the tooth removed instead. They may do so because they want to spend as little money as possible, but often, their decision is influenced by the popular idea that root canal therapy can lead to cancer. Is there any truth to that notion? Do root canals cause cancer in Belmont? The answer is no. Read on below to learn more about this important topic.


Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

November 24, 2022

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Woman wearing glasses, wondering, “Are root canals painful in Belmont?”

Are root canals painful in Belmont? Thanks to skewed portrays in the media, this treatment is notorious for causing discomfort. It is understandable if you might feel a little scared when your dentist recommends it for you. However, it does not deserve its reputation. In fact, it is much more likely to relieve pain than cause it! What can you expect to feel during and after root canal therapy? Read on below to learn the answer.


Looking for Ways to Save Money? Visit Your Dentist!

October 2, 2022

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Happy patient at appointment to use dental insurance in Belmont

We live in times of economic turbulence. Countless people are looking for ways to cut back on their spending. Some are even considering doing things like skipping dental visits or dropping their dental insurance in Belmont. But did you know that doing so could actually be counterproductive? Investing in regular dental care can actually help you save money in the long run. This blog post discusses how that is the case.

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