Dental Crowns



Porcelain Crowns

Do you have an unsightly crown that shows a black or gray line next to the gum line? Are your crowns thick, bulky or discolored? Are you embarrassed to smile because of unnatural looking teeth? Don’t worry– We have solutions for you! Our advanced dental training in cosmetic procedures allows us to offer you better looking dental crowns.

Our doctors are proud to offer a natural looking alternative to those unsightly black lined crowns: Full ceramic crowns! These newer restorations, will have you smiling ear to ear in as little as two visits. You will notice the “life-like” translucent appearance of full ceramic crowns that mimics natural teeth and gives a more aesthetically pleasing, healthy looking smile.

Look and feel your best with our all-ceramic crowns. Call Dr. Patel for a consultation today!


Crowns are restorations that cover teeth and help protect them from breakage. There are many situations which require a tooth to be crowned. The most common are:

  • Large existing fillings: When the tooth structure around a filling is weak and prone to fracture, crowns can impart protection and strength to the tooth and help keep it functioning.
  • Cracked tooth syndrome: This occurs when a tooth has a crack that causes pain when chewing a certain way. The act of chewing produces stress on the crack that results in a feeling that the tooth is splitting apart. A crown helps prevent the crack from progressing and redistributes the chewing stress evenly across the surface of the tooth. In most cases, this eliminates the pain.
  • Broken teeth: Trauma and stress can cause pieces of tooth structure to break off. Covering the tooth with a crown can prevent total destruction and loss of the tooth.
  • Root Canal treated teeth: Root canal treated teeth are “hollow” and no longer carry a blood supply. Because of this, they tend to become brittle. Placing a crown over a Root Canal treated tooth can immediately prevent it from fracturing.

We provide dental crowns to patients in Lakes Region, NH, Concord, Laconia and throughout New England. Please call us today.