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Metal Free Restorations – Belmont, NH

Repair Your Teeth without the Metal

Woman’s beautiful smile with metal free restorations in Belmont

For many years, metal crowns, bridges, and fillings were used to repair patients’ teeth. While these restorations are quite durable, they tend to be obvious against the backdrop of white tooth enamel. Fortunately, a more aesthetically pleasing solution is now available: metal free restorations in Belmont. We carefully shade-match them to blend in with your natural teeth while also providing you with a reliable and long-lasting way to address a range of oral health problems.

Why Choose the Center for Contemporary Dentistry for Metal Free Restorations?

Is a Metal Free Restoration Right for Me?

Smiling woman happy with her decision to opt for metal free restorations

A metal free restoration may be right for you if:

Your dentist in Belmont will help you decide for sure whether a metal free restoration is a fit for you. There are only a handful of circumstances that might mean a metal restoration is the better option, such as if you require a crown for a back tooth and need the strongest material possible for your restoration.

The Metal Free Restoration Process

Close-up of metal free crown resting on a fingertip

The traditional way of designing and placing metal free crowns and bridges involves at least two dental appointments. At the first, we prepare your teeth by modifying their shape so they will fit well beneath the restorations. Then we take impressions and provide you with temporary restorations while a laboratory creates your permanent ones. When the permanent ones are ready, we attach them to your teeth.

Fortunately, we can streamline that process for many patients. We have advanced technology right here in our office that can create your metal free crown immediately after we design it, which means you will not have to come back for a second appointment.

Understanding the Cost of Metal Free Restorations

Patient handing over payment for metal free restoration

The cost of metal free restorations depends on how many restorations you need and other factors. Generally, their price is in the same ballpark as their metal counterparts, though they might cost a bit more. If your restoration is deemed necessary for your oral health, insurance is likely to cover it. Most policies pay up to 80% of the cost of metal free fillings and around 50% of the cost of metal free crowns and bridges. Our team will be happy to help you file your claims and derive the greatest benefits possible from your plan. We can also help you apply for low-interest financing through CareCredit if you would like to pay for your treatment over time.

Are you ready to learn more about our restorative services, including metal free restorations? Get in touch with our team today — we look forward to helping you!

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