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Advanced Dental Services & Technology - Belmont, NH

Tools to Serve Your Smile

Digital dental x-rays on chairside computer

Technology in always advancing in practically every industry — and dentistry is no exception to the rule. We work hard to stay up to date on the latest advances in dental technology, and we invest in tools that help us provide the highest quality care possible. Below, you can learn about some of the remarkable devices that aid us in diagnosing oral health problems, streamlining treatments, educating our patients, and enhancing patient comfort.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral camera tool and tooth images on computer screen

An intraoral camera is a small, wand-like device. It instantly sends images to a nearby computer monitor, which helps us to have a clear view of what is going on inside your mouth. It is especially useful for identifying oral health issues in places that are difficult to see with the naked eye. We can also use an intraoral camera to help you thoroughly understand your oral health and the reasons behind any treatment we may recommend.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays on tablet computer

Digital X-rays are an invaluable diagnostic tool. They allow us to examine portions of the mouth that are impossible to see via a normal visual checkup, such as the area below the gum line. We can thus identify early tooth decay, developmental problems, and more. The digital X-ray process is noninvasive and painless, and we can instantly see the images — there is no need to develop any films. Plus, this remarkable technology exposes patients to significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

Woman receiving C T cone beam x-ray scan

A computed tomography cone beam (CBCT) scanner is essentially a highly advanced X-ray. This remarkable technology uses a cone-shaped beam of radiation that produces images with an extraordinary level of detail. It gives us a three-dimensional look at the inner workings of a patient’s mouth, including both its hard and soft tissues. CBCT technology is particularly useful in diagnosing complex oral health issues and in planning advanced procedures, such as root canal therapy or dental implant placement.

Digital Impression System

Digital bite impressions on chairside computers

If you have ever received a crown or bridgework, you may recall an uncomfortable impression process that required you to bite down on a special putty-like material. Digital impressions are much faster and more comfortable. We simply move a special wand around the mouth, which captures countless images and assembles them into an accurate, three-dimensional representation of the teeth. We can use digital impressions to design various restorations and to plan for Invisalign® treatment.

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